What does 925 mean on jewelry? When a ring is "Sterling Silver" with a yellow or white ring, it is called "925". When 925 is stamped on white gold jewelry, it signifies that the piece has White Gold underneath its outer surface. The amount of "925" that is stamped on a white gold ring may vary. The more diamonds set on a white gold ring, the higher the "925" value indicates to the buyer.

If you have ever had your gold plated or your jewelry made from silver plated or white gold, you may have heard the term "925". You may not understand what it means. Many people will explain that the lowercase letters before the "E" and "O" indicate the purity or the quality of the metal. The lowercase letters stand for the lower quality of the metal.

If you look closely at any of the popular watches or rings, you will see that they have a mantel. A jeweler will usually stamp a beautiful design on sterling silver or gold plated jewelry using the hallmark. The hallmark is also called the channel, or channel type. The meaning of the hallmark is the initial date of the creation of the piece, usually placed around the hour. Many jewelers will use the same or similar hallmark, creating a unisex piece of jewelry.

In jewelry where the jewelry has a base metal, such as sterling silver or gold, the hallmark is stamped into the metal. The hallmark is also called the collateral, or the guarantee. Most jewelers will use their own special hallmark on their pieces. The metal that the jeweler uses to make the hallmark is important. Sterling silver, gold, and platinum all work great, but there are other metals that are also used.

For example, sterling silver or gold plated necklaces and rings will often be made from 18 karat gold or platinum. The gold or platinum plating can either be clear or opaque. This type of plating is a sign of the quality of the piece. Rings and necklaces that are made with opaque colors usually contain less pure gold or platinum, while rings and necklaces that are made with more pure gold or platinum are said to be more valuable.

925 means the gold or silver alloy used in the making of the jewelry. Pure gold plated rings and necklaces are very expensive and are seen mostly on those who have been in the business for many years. While cheaper gold plated rings can be found, these rings are not nearly as nice. Gold rings are typically given as gifts; however, if you want to buy gold plated rings or earrings to give as gifts to someone else, you may want to make sure that the person receiving the gift knows what it is.


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