Cuban Link Chain: The Low-Cost, High-Quality Alternative


Jewellery lovers everywhere know that not all precious pieces are created equally. When it comes to (white) gold jewellery, one certainly stands above the others in terms of durability, style, and sheer swag factor, which is the Cuban link chain. The Cuban link chain is simply a variation of the classic rope gold chain and features circular links that intersect in an easy-to-follow rope pattern. This type of (white) gold jewellery is certainly not what you would consider cheap, but it packs a punch in terms of fashion.


The real draw to the Cuban link chains lies in their diversity. They can be formed into numerous different patterns, including basic square and rectangular shapes, as well as more intricate and detailed flower-filled motifs and abstract designs. Many can even be worn on a chain with a smaller sized pendant, for example, a tiny one-carat gold necklace with a thin gold chain (around 1 inch or less). This is because they are available in a myriad of styles that can coordinate with just about any outfit. Some people might call them overpriced, but that isn't the case at all since the variety is staggering.


The Best Jewelry Cuban Link Chains For You


Some people prefer their jewellery to look simple and understated, so the Cuban link chain fits right in. These styles are available in just about every size imaginable and can be found in many different designs. For instance, some feature small, intricate blossoms while others feature flowers that extend several inches past their ends. In addition, some are crafted out of more unique materials than others, like thick plastic, while others feature the metal that some chains are made out of but are much lighter weight.


There are a lot of advantages to wearing this type of jewellery, the first of which is its adaptability. When you wear it, you have the freedom to move with grace and ease. Since it is so lightweight, it's easier to move than most other types of jewellery. It can be easy to toss it on and go from your casual outfit to a more formal one without the assistance of another person. Another reason is that it isn't heavy. Cable chains weigh in at less than five ounces, making it easy for even the smallest wrists to handle.


In terms of colour, this style of jewellery has several different hues available. For instance, there are gold and white gold Cuban link chains available. These two metals complement each other and give you the ability to get a little bit more shine or colour in your fashion ensemble. You may choose to go with one gold chain over the other if you want a bit of a difference in your looks, but many people choose white gold to match their silver jewellery because of how it shines when it is put together with a silver design.


The last thing about this style of jewellery is the price. It's very affordable. Many people can buy one of these Cuban link chains for as little as a couple of dollars. That's much cheaper than many other necklace chain types on the market today, including gold and platinum versions. That being said, it's also nowhere near as expensive as other, more expensive varieties of the necklace chain.


Because of how well-suited this style of necklace is for wear at casual events, like casual picnics and day-outs, this style of jewellery is very good for adding accent pieces to your wardrobe. With its affordability, you'll find that you can outfit just about any outfit with this piece. Not only will it add sparkle to your outfit, but it can also be a lifesaver when you're on the go. This is because your silver pendant will hang at just the right spot, keeping your neck free while you move around and do the things that you need to do.


The next time you see a woman wearing a beautiful necklace adorned with an intricate gold or platinum pendant and nothing else, ask her what she's wearing underneath it. Chances are, she has a set of Cuban link chains. You should too!

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